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Baby Shoes - For those First Precious Steps

A child’s first pair of shoes is usually an event of mixed feelings - emotional joy from the parent or guardian and a combination of excitement and confusion for the child! At Hop, Skip and Jump, we are with you every step of the way, from helping you choose the very best quality, style and fit of shoe for your child’s delicate developing feet to offering clear, competent advice on every aspect of footcare for children, ensuring a solid foundation for a life of healthy feet.

When buying footwear for young children, especially babies, it is absolutely essential that sizing is precisely correct. The nerve endings in the feet of young children are not yet fully-developed and so any discomfort or pain may not be noticed by the child even though the shoe is damaging the feet. For customers visiting our store, we employ several trained fitters who will expertly measure your child’s unique foot size and shape while online customers can download our comprehensive sizing chart absolutely free.

Three of our personal favourites (because they are just so cute and on trend right now!) are detailed below but please enjoy browsing the entire wonderful collection

Startrite Pre-Walkers - Fetch

This design is all about fun, the talented artistic designer has truly allowed their inner child to run free in the creation of Fetch Startrite pre-walking baby shoes. An enticingly and vibrantly red-and-yellow ball on the front of the shoe is the first thing noticed by the eye, which is then cleverly and artfully drawn back along an expertly-stitched trail depicting where the ball has come from. It is here we notice the fantastic dog motif, which has a real sense of motion thanks to the talents of the designing artist. As well as its impressive aesthetic features, Fetch Pre-Walkers have the usual impeccable comfort and safety designs such as a Velcro fastening, comforting lining and rubber toe that helps to protect a baby’s developing feet during the transition from crawling to walking.

Startrite Pre-Walker - Mayflower

The first thing to strike you about these gorgeous pre-walkers from market-leading Startrite has got to be the colour - a dark, regal and luxurious purple. Formed from tough-yet-tactile nubuck, these are the perfect first pair of shoes for a baby to take their first tentative steps in. Softly and comfortably lined and given added protection with a durable rubber toe, Mayflower Startrite pre-walker baby shoes feature a reliable buckle fastening and are completed with childlike butterfly and flower details on the front of the shoe.

Bobux T-Bar Baby Shoes - Magenta Lucky Clover

Created in New Zealand in 1991 through sheer pester power, Bobux are now a global success! The company was founded by married couple Chris and Colleen Bennett, whose 9-month-old daughter Chloe refused to wear shoes whatsoever. Eventually discovering that their daughter’s violent dislike for footwear was due to the saturation of the market of footwear for babies that has hard, inflexible soles,

The Bennetts began a project to design and manufacture a pair of children’s shoes that would ensure comfort, along with the natural development of feet. After much work and optimisation, the patented Bobux Soft Sole was invented and launched upon a happily-receptive audience of parents and guardians.

The company has developed a reputation for exclusive luxury thanks to its top-end designs, ethically-sourced materials and impeccable production quality. Their latest offering, the Bobux Magenta Lucky Clover T-Bar shoe, has the soft flexibility that is so signature to the Bobux range and, Velcro-fastened, is beautifully lined with quality leather.

Check out our range of pre-walkers and baby shoes online and get your child off to a good start to ensure healthy, trouble-free feet when they are older, possibly avoiding considerable pain and discomfort to the child along with astronomical chiropodists’ fees.

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