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Brand New & Exclusive Lelli Kelly Shoes - 'California Lights'

Inspired by the friendly, funky, cool and creative culture of California, the very latest style range of girls designer shoes from Lelli Kelly that bear the same name as that progressive American State are just as exciting as actually being there, according to some of the lucky and extremely happy young customers (who are probably even feeling a little deservedly smug that they got their hands - or feet!) on a pair of these seriously-exclusive shoes.

The Lelli Kelly California collection represents a subtle change in direction from the brand’s usual anarchic and riotous creations - while still retaining the trademark colourful and visually-attractive Lelli Kelly style, there is also a marked sense of nascent maturity in both colour choice and style in all of the Lelli Kelly girls shoes from the California collection. As always with Lelli Kelly girls shoes, however, the designer does tend to get as little carried away right at the end and the glitter pot comes threateningly out - but you show me a little girl (or even a grown-up!) that doesn't like a touch of glam glitter on her designer shoes!

California has long been associated with innovative, exciting new fashions, particularly in film and in the clothing and accessories sector, two things that often go successfully hand-in-hand. This image, enhanced by California's almost-constantly warm and sunny weather, its close proximity to the pristine Pacific ocean and its lush beaches, from the drama and romance of Hollywood movies and the nostalgically-faded glamour of past teenage heart-throb bands such as the Beach Boys to the rocking contemporary sound of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, has never really left what is known to Americans as ‘The Golden State’ and it is for this reason that Lelli Kelly’s talented, experienced artistic and creative designers have chosen California as the name of their new collection.

These shoes were very recently released and are so exclusive and few in number that there are already shortages around the world; some California style Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes have sold out completely and are now being sold for more than three times their original value by dishonest auction-site dealers as demand increases. We have had to work hard and call in some favours, but Hop, Skip & Jump have secured several styles of Lelli Kelly girls shoes from the dwindling collection.

Our personal favourites, mostly thanks to their wild colour combination of Bronze and Pink, are the season's must-have: Lelli Kelly California Lights girls shoes which, featuring a hi-top and festooned with pretty pink sparkle, have their absolute unique childlike beauty instantly confirmed as the child walks or runs, causing a rainbow of coloured lights to flash according to their movements.

In the HD image of these shoes, it appears that they are fastened with a standard lace-up facility but, making use of Lelli Kelly’s remarkable and reliable easy-fit elasticated system, which instantly secures these girls shoes with a single pull, the authentic-looking laces (which are, of course, pink!) are merely an illusion and are securely attached in a matter of seconds! To ensure the child’s sensitive and still-developing feet are completely comfortable and supported, Lelli Kelly California Lights boast an array of innovative features such as a removable leather insole and supportive padding at the ankle and sole.

Check out the full California range; although it is currently rather small with the choice of just six pairs of Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes from the new collection to choose from, this only goes to prove their popularity! As a major and consistently successful supplier of childrens designer shoes, we have grown into a company with major buying power and even we are still finding it hard to get our hands on these most modern of designs so their rarity is already a tangible phenomenon! Grab a pair of these kids designer shoes while you still can and get the trendiest look going for the child in your care!

Just when you thought the countless qualities of Lelli Kelly shoes could not be further enhanced, then we reveal that a free gift will arrive with every pair of California Lights Lelli Kelly Shoes! To reflect the aforementioned slightly-more mature style of this collection, the company have included their exclusive Mini Make-Up Tablet, to provide hours of safe, non-toxic (but sometimes a little messy!) fun as well as a lasting pair of quality kids designer shoes.

To find out more about the Hop, Skip & Jump collection of kids designer shoes, which include simply-perfect pairs from such highly-respected brands as Superfit, Converse, Ricosta, Startrite and Skechers, simply call our team on 01254 696907 to speak to a member of our friendly and professional team directly or send us an email to and we will get back as soon as we can. Hop, Skip & Jump - Putting Children's Feet First.

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