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Established in 1873, Tsukihoshi shoes is one of Japan's oldest footwear companies.  For more than thirty years, the company has worked closely with orthopedic specialists and pediatricians to perfect the design of its shoes and promote the healthy development of children's feet.

Every Tsukihoshi shoe style is machine washable, anti-bacterial, ultra-lightweight and is designed not only to support but also to promote proper foot development comfortably.

Tsukihoshi shoes are proud U.S. sponsor of Autism Speaks helping solve the puzzle of autism together.

The Meaning of Tsukihoshi

Tsuki = Moon

Hoshi = Star

Tsukihoshi = Moonstar


Tsuki is pronounced like "ski" and Hoshi is pronounced like a Santa Claus "ho" and "she" - SKI-HO-SHE.

Tsukihoshi Tsukihoshi Trainer/Shoe Blue and Orange

Tsukihoshi Trainer/Shoe Blue and Orange
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Valid until 31/01/2020
Style No.: Neko
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