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Buy Cheap, Buy Twice - The False Economy of 'Bargain' Footwear

There is a vast array of discount stores and supermarkets selling children's shoes, many at unbelievably low prices. Unfortunately, things that seem too good to be true often are and buying low-cost footwear for your children can turn out to be a false economy, as well as not providing the perfect fit that is both comfortable and supportive.

In order to price children's shoes cheaply, corners must be cut in their design and manufacture. This involves a number of factors, one of which is using materials of lower-than-average quality to create extra profit when manufacturing and selling in bulk. The old adage of "Stack 'em high, Sell 'em cheap" is particularly relevant here, as is "You get what you pay for".

Choosing to purchase high-quality children's footwear requires a larger initial outlay than buying a pair from a supermarket or high-street discount store. This initial cost is an investment; footwear designed by experts and manufactured by professionals is guaranteed to offer a much longer service life than inferior examples, which will need replacing much sooner due to wear and tear and will not hold their shape to adequately support young feet. In testament to this fact, our own research has showed us that our customers visit us just three times a year on average to fulfil all of their children's footwear needs.

Until a child is around 18 years of age, the muscles, bones and tissues of the feet are in constant development. Not completely ossified (hardened), the bones of the feet are particularly susceptible to damage in children and, as the nerve endings in children's feet are less reactive than those of an adult, it may take longer for a child to notice discomfort due to poor-quality footwear.

Hop, Skip & Jump are dedicated suppliers of only the highest-quality children's footwear from the most respected designers and manufacturers in the world. We continue our commitment to 'Putting Children's Feet First' by always expanding our range to bring you the very best in children's and baby shoes, boots, wellies, slippers, sandals and trainers.

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