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P.E. Pumps - Fitted for Safety

Sports and games are an essential part of a child’s education and life at school, teaching them the importance of fitness and good health along with valuable social and team-building skills. Perhaps the most important part of a child’s P.E. Kit is their pair of pumps or plimsolls, which should be of the best possible quality and perfectly fitted to protect hard-working yet still-developing feet and avoid accidents and injuries.

An incorrectly-fitted pair of shoes is damaging to the feet at any time; nor properly supported and enclosed, the foot slides around in the shoe causing discomfort at best but also leading to corns and blisters. The problem of poorly-fitted footwear becomes even more obvious in the gymnasium or on the sports field, where the strenuous physical activity of children can lead to slips, trips and falls. Injuries to other children are also possible if footwear comes loose from the foot, for example if a child attempts to kick a football and their shoe flies off through the air, potentially striking another person with disastrous consequences.

In order to protect individuals and as part of our wider commitment to generally promoting good foot health for children across the UK and beyond, Hop, Skip & Jump employ highly-trained fitters. Experts in the field, our instore fitters can measure your child’s feet in detail before selecting exactly the right size footwear for their individual needs. For customers purchasing children’s footwear online, we offer a free downloadable sizing chart and our trained fitters are also available to provide clear, competent advice by telephone.

Among our range of children’s P.E. pumps is a fantastic new pair of Lelli Kelly P.E. Pumps. Soft and comfortable yet supportive and protective, these pumps are perfect for all P.E. lessons and, like most of the fashionable Lelli Kelly collection, feature a trademark girly detail, in this case a cute and pretty bow. Truly fit for a princess!

Another pair of popular P.E. pumps are from Startrite, one of the leading makers of children’s shoes. Skip pumps have a secure Velcro fastening and, suitable for both boys and girls, are supplied with an F fitting. The perfect all-round pair.

Also featuring a strong yet easily adjustable Velcro fastening, Koeper plimsolls by Superfit are sturdy and supportive. These P.E pumps are particularly suited to indoor games thanks to their non-marking sole which can cause unsightly streaks on such surfaces as gymnasium floors.

If you would like to talk to an expert fitter or find out more about the children’s footwear, including kid's school shoes, available from Hop, Skip & Jump, simply give us a call on 01254 696907 or email

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