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Sandals - Keeping Feet Cool for 10,000 Years

Sandals were the very first type of footwear, with radio-carbon dating showing the earliest discovered examples to be at least 10,000 years old. The open-toed shoe is now a staple type of footwear all over the world and is particularly suited to hot weather thanks to its ability to allow the feet to remain cool, comfortable and healthy. Hop, Skip & Jump offer a wide range of children's designer sandals, perfect for protecting small feet during the hot summer months.

The history of sandals is long and rich with the most ancient references to the footwear coming from Greece and Egypt. Greek culture embraced two kinds of sandal, one made from willow that was worn by common people and a special type that featured cork inserts, worn by those of high rank. In Egypt, sandals were made from papyrus or palm leaves and luxury examples were part of the standard dress of revered high priests.

Children in particular benefit from wearing sandals when temperatures are high. The warm weather is often a source of irritation to children and hot, uncomfortable feet only add to the problem. By providing children with sandals made from leather, the best natural material from which to make the footwear, uncomfortable irritation can be eradicated, leaving the feet cool, relaxed and odour-free. Synthetic sandals are not recommended as the material actually makes the feet produce more moisture which, with nowhere to go, stays on the feet and provides an ideal environment for fungal infections such as athlete's foot.

Several of the children's sandals in our collection are currently available with a massive 50% discount in price. The range includes sandals manufactured by such renowned companies as Birkenstock, Ricosta, Superfit and Start-rite, representing a truly comprehensive choice of quality footwear. Extremely popular at the moment is the Superfit Leather Sandal which, predominantly pink in colour with the addition of blue and yellow flower motifs, is perfect for summer and features a dual-adjustable strap system.

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