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Superfit And Gore-Tex, Guaranteed Waterproof Footwear

“Putting Children’s Feet First” – that’s what we’ve been doing at Hop, Skip & Jump since 2002. As a family-owned and operated business, we like to think we’re able to inject something uniquely caring, honest and genuine into what we do. We only stock the brands and products we would (and do!) buy for our own kids, so you can rest assured that if it doesn’t make the grade, it doesn’t make it to the Hop, Skip & Jump collection. 

We’ve tried and tested thousands of products over the years from hundreds of brands, but there are certain names we’ve come to know for creating truly outstanding footwear. One of the most prominent brands to earn our trust over the years is Superfit, where performance and protection are taken to new heights. 

Our Extensive Superfit Collection 

So, you might ask, what is it that makes Superfit so special as a brand? Well, much of it comes down to the way in which so many of their core lines and flagship products feature Gore-Tex and are guaranteed waterproof. And with another wet, windy and wild winter just around the corner, now really is the time to be thinking about a footwear upgrade for your kids!

If you haven’t already experienced for yourself, products manufactured with Gore-Tex are uniquely waterproof, windproof and durable, while at the same time remaining breathable for maximum day-long comfort. All products that feature Gore-Tex in their composition carry the same “Guaranteed To Keep You Dry” guarantee, meaning dry feet for kids and peace of mind for parents. 

What’s more, whereas some autumn and winter boots have a tendency to be a little too warm and ultimately uncomfortable on milder days, the latest cutting-edge kids’ footwear from Superfit is designed to offer maximum warmth in the cold, while keeping feet cool in warmer conditions. Extensively tested in the rain, snow, sleet, wind and more, these are the kinds of shoes that will never let you or your kids down. 

So whatever the weather, you know your kids’ feet will be taken care of by the very best footwear on the market – courtesy of Superfit, with a little help from Hop, Skip & Jump!

Amazing All-Rounders from Hop, Skip & Jump

Here at Hop, Skip & Jump, we understand that true value for money means investing in a pair of high quality shoes that will go the distance in all environments. That’s why we always recommend such brilliantly versatile shoes and boots as those from Superfit, which cover all basis and do it all. From playing in the park to heading off to school to back-garden sports and so much more, one superior product from Superfit can do the job, no questions asked.

We’d be delighted to offer our impartial and objective advice on exactly the kinds of shoes and boots both you and your kids could get a kick out of this winter. Head down to the Hop, Skip & Jump store now for a look at what’s on offer, or give our friendly team a call today for more information.

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