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Us And Our Brands

Here at Hop, Skip & Jump, our care and regard for health of kids’ feet goes far beyond that of the average shoe shop. Our commitment to “Putting Children’s Feet First” underpins not only everything we do, but every brand we work with and every product we sell. We never add a single pair of shoes to our collection without intensively evaluating it in terms of comfort, performance, value for money and of course, outstanding good looks.

Or in other words, we’re only willing to stock and sell the shoe brands and products we’d be happy for our own kids to wear…as they do! 

Our Core Brands

We’ve selected a core range of brands to work with in accordance with their proven prowess in the provision of perfect kids’ footwear. Right now, you’ll find an extensive range of shoes, boots, slippers and more from brands like Start-rite, Lelli Kelly, Ricosta, Superfit, Noel, Bobux, Garvalin and Pex – each of which is equally market-leading though offers something unique, all of its own. 

And just for the record, if you haven’t yet experienced the difference of Pex-branded socks for yourself, you’re long overdue a treat! Warm, comfortable, durable and an absolute dream to wash and dry, they’re the essential piece of kit every kid needs in their closet!

A Family Brand with Strong Family Values

We’re often asked why it is we choose this relatively small selection of shoe and footwear brands over the thousands of alternative brands up and down the United Kingdom. 

Well, for one thing we’ve been in business for some time now and have come to know from personal experience exactly which brands never fail to stand out by way of comfort, durability, practicality and affordability. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t tried and tested dozens of brands from across the UK and beyond over the years, but we always found ourselves instinctively turning back to the brands that have never let us or our customers down. 

Hop, Skip & Jump was established as a family business and remains as such today. Our traditional, call it old-fashioned if you like, family run shoe shop was opened in August 2002 – inspired by our collective vision of simpler, friendlier and more enjoyable alternative to big-business chain shoes stores…the usual High Street staple. 

So rather than focusing on business interests, we focused instead on the needs of our customers. Instead of assuming we knew what our customers wanted, we asked and they told us. We built our service package and business entirely on the back of customer feedback and recom­men­dations, enabling us to offer the most uniquely family-friendly and family-centric shoe shopping experience you’ll come across.

Trust our expert team to accurately and thoroughly measure your kids’ feet to ensure a flawless fit every time. Take as long as you like to browse our collections in person, ask all the questions you like or give us a call at any time for a chat about pretty much anything!

Hop, Skip & Jump is proud to bring real family values to kids’ shoe retail – try us out and you’ll see why.

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